Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anomalous Cognition - Systemic Cognition

I noted that there is a lot of interesting dialog on these subjects of anomalies in our lives, but most fall on either a believer stream of psychic dimensions or a disbeliever stream (where skeptics - even go as far to disprove everything that they cannot find meeting their physical evidence or mathematical theories ;-).

I'm sure that everyone has had an anomaly or two in their life? So, being someone who has had anomalies dance before me in the past and recent events; I'll like to poll for concepts and ideas of what they were.

Each blog will describe an experience, wherein I have been left perplexed and still no real answers to. Doctor's try to categorize the experience in some brain function of (too many neurons firing off, or trauma visions, or many other explanations; research scientists from NASA and SRI go off into physics (quantum and zero point); human factors again works on enhanced imagination and performance issues, and it goes and it goes; but no real answers that quite nail the phenomena.

I'll start this blog with one very striking anomaly:

At five years old, I used to spend my weekend mornings sitting out on my slide stationed out on the South end of our ranch. I used it as my watch tower and I used to think I was special, because my brother wasn’t allowed on it (he was too small). One particular morning during apricot season, Sunday; when everyone was at church, I noticed a dune buggy climbing up the hill across from me. I watched it climb all the way up and over the hill. I then waited to see what other things I could see, when suddenly the dune buggy showed back up flying back over the hill and down with a crash. I saw two figures fly out of the dune buggy (to me at the time being only five years old, looked like a cartoon, it was surreal.) I had no realization that what I saw was real serious. I just stood there, transfixed waiting, staring at the crashed buggy in the silence afterward. After about 10 minutes, I then started to climb back down the slide to go back into the house, when I noticed my baby-sitter Bobby Santos standing next to the slide. He yelled at me “Go in and tell your mom, that a terrible accident just happened, have her get help! Now!” I immediately got running into the house and told my mom that Bobby yelled at me to get some help. She looked out the window and said “Helen, I don’t see Bobby, if there was an accident then I am sure someone over there saw it and they will take care of it.” I went back out to the slide and saw Bobby still standing there. He yelled at me again “Damnit, run go tell Manuel! Hurry, run. Run! Damnit! Run! Tell Manuel. “ I was then startled and scared at Bobby’s yelling at me, but I did as told and ran as hard and as fast as I could over towards Manuel’s house across the hill. I found Manuel and his brother out in the apricot shed preparing for the cutting, and once I told them of Bobby's need for help; they didn't question me, they immediately jumped into their jeep and went up the hill towards the accident. After the police moved from the accident scene and were done questioning Manuel and his brother, a policeman had me go up to the accident site with him, and asked me questions. I was in a bit of shock, I couldn't talk (I was looking for Bobby). I saw a pool of blood on the ground and got very upset. My mom came, concerned and took me home, upset that the police took me near the site. Later that night, I was told that Bobby had died in that accident (on impact), and that I wouldn’t see him anymore. I told my mother, “but I saw Bobby today, he was yelling at me”. She told me that Bobby died instantly in the dune buggy, and that I had saved Larry’s life by getting over to Manuel in plenty of time for them to tend to him. Larry could have bled to death had no one got there timely enough. Two weeks later Larry came over and thanked me for saving him. But, today, I know it wasn’t me, it was Bobby who saved him. Had it not been Bobby that yelled at me and made sure I understood to get over there, I think I would have just gone back in the house. I didn’t understand back then what really happened? It was due to the apparition of Bobby that Larry is still alive with a wonderful family? I was faced with the determination of life and death, and forced with understanding the finality of death. I really to this day, don’t know if it was really Bobby there, or if I, being an imaginative child constructed this scenario in determining that something was wrong and needed immediate help? The fact is I acted, which saved Larry’s life. Thought Bobby was alive and with me at the time?

What do you think?

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