Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another curious experience

Around 12, I had a bewildering experience that really to this day left an impression on my mom. My Grandmother, mother, brother and I used to go to Santa Cruz every other weekend to stay out at the beach in Capitola in a Camper. It was my Grandmother's camper, she loved the beach. We always parked close to the pier, it was such a great adventure for my brother and I. One weekend, I immediately went out to the water and walked the beach upon arrival. After being there for the first day, I finally started feeling bored (heck I was twelve and needed something new than just hanging out on the beach with my brother). I found myself walking around the beach in a circle, I sank into a strange state (I guess a trance state?). I caught the attention of a man sitting out on the beach that was filling out papers and doing some reading. He watched me just walk in a big circle repetitively. So, he called me over to him and asked me my name. He was around 36 years old, I guess? I was not very educated on not talking with strangers. He asked me why I was walking around in a circle, where I came from, etc. At this point I realized that it was just he and I on the beach. My family was in the camper, and no one else was around. He asked if I minded if he walked the beach with me? I didn’t see any problem with it, so we walked together. This man and I had some interesting discussion started, wherein he started asking me questions that were over my head, yet I found myself answering him on how to deal with certain situations in his life, how to deal with it? I was trance like, I think, because it didn't feel like it was me talking with this man? I was twelve years old and I was telling him that life was like a puzzle, that there are hundreds to thousands of pieces to it, and if one piece didn’t quite fit into the present moment, he was not to hold on to it? Because in doing so he could overload himself eventually with all the pieces (he'd be carrying too heavy of a load). I was giving him some heavy philosophy, that to this day I wonder where I learned it?? The next morning, this gentleman came back to the beach looking for me, he talked with my mom and told her that I had some special gift. He bought me a puppy and wanted me to keep it as a gift from him. My mother, of course, became very suspicious of the man and wouldn’t let me accept the puppy. She did allow him to talk with me within her sight and he again asked me questions about things he should consider?? I don’t remember the gist of the conversation; I just remember that it felt like something was talking through me? I was just sort of outside myself watching and listening? When we returned home from the beach, the man called my mom. He was crying and told her, that I had turned him around. That he was contemplating suicide, his life was very bad. He had lost a child and had some other serious problems. He said that I had talked him out of leaving life and learned how to take the challenges as stepping stones to heal and help others in similar situations? I apparently convinced him that he was strong and that he would find the proper pieces of life, if he would allow them to come to view, instead of his forcing pieces that he thought were expected. He wanted her to make sure that I knew of my special gift? I didn’t really understand back then what he was talking about.

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