Saturday, November 21, 2009

Precognition or Systemic Cog event?

During 1977, I also had a precognitive experience with senses vision& physical feeling. My husband BXXX and I were living in a small condo (our first home) at the time, and he was away at work. I had put my small daughter down for a nap; and went into the living room to read a cook book on the couch. As soon as I sat on the couch, I had a very vivid image and sensed physical feelings; it was as if I stepped into another place, time, and scene? In the scene I watched felt and sensed my brother, his motorcycle crashing into a car, and a sense of flying and dizzyness. I was experiencing an urgent rush of stress, and impact; so I called my Mom immediately and asked her if my brother was okay. I explained to her that I had an experience (vision? Sensing a scene?), and it was my brother in a car crash with the motorcycle. My Mom replied that she hadn’t heard anything, and that she believed everything was okay? Maybe I just was dozing off and dreaming? So, I then just let it all go. An hour or so later, my Mom called back and informed me that my brother indeed did get into an accident with his motorcycle in Modesto. She said he was okay and only bruised his butt, ego, and his bike was totaled (totally run over by the car). Apparently my brother hit a car head on and he few right over the car and landed on his butt.

I was 60 miles away from my brother, how did I pick up the accident?

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