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Discovery of the world of Psyops and Perception Management : DIA Psyops at it's best from 1987-1996 - via a human subject

Book Prop. - working a book on a true perspective:
The  Unveiling of Anathema, 
first Chapter: will be surviving the game of the Mind Hackers - lessons on possibly how to deal with those working to hack your perceptual resolutions.  
Second Chapter - Black Unicorns - How to potentially have recognition of the hacker's goals e.g., to veil Black Unicorns (funded failures) and tends towards criminal behaviors.  
Starts with Social Engineering via NASA, SRI, and possibly supervised by Pentagon Funds after CIA discarded it?
Clinton Admin with John Podesta, and today.. again, today 2009-2016 Podesta masterminding in the background.

Notes from a whistleblower in NASA (selection process and targeted for being used for distraction of espionage or tradecraft)?  See:  FOIA "NASA's Secret Relationships with U.S. Defense and Intelligence Agencies" section on NASA's Participation in Cover Stories.

Late 1987 when I first entered a federal center to work in a Research Institute for Advanced Computing Sciences, I didn't realize that I also stirred interest in being selected to be a human subject as well? I was interviewed by a director to work as an administrative assistant initially, but I surmise that it was also discovered that I also fit some profile for human subject research? This particular director did dialog with Esalen and SRI folk periodically. This may be why there was great interest in hiring me for the administrative work; and intentionally positioned for a research area surrounding 'engima' and enhanced human performance (without my knowing)? Today I can only speculate if my selection was due to the discussion during the interview, where there was great interest in my training as a master hypnotist? I was asked about the reasoning for my going into the art; which I admitted was due to my reconciliation of my own cognitive anomalies experienced. As soon as I started my position in this institute that contracted and resided in the federal center, a civil servant human factors person working collaboratively with SRI (Human Factors) came to introduce himself to me, and led me into a shadowy world looking into the areas of anomalous cognition and phenomena. This particular civil servant then retired from civil service and was hired directly into the institute in which I worked, to work on human factors work (which I didn't understand at the time).

After the initial introduction from this researcher, I was taken to meet with an SRI PI (a lunch meeting) where I was introduced to a subject that was very far from what I was trying to understand in anomalous phenomena; I was introduced to the subject of "Close Encounters of the 4th Kind"?

I was interviewed and asked what I thought about the Close Encounters of 4th Kind (CE4) and UFO phenomena after they explained it? I had never really thought about UFOs and aliens abducting people, that wasn't my interest area in anomalous phenomena. I was curious and interested in their explanation, stories, etc. But, I was primarily interested more into my type of experiences from my personal past. I had experiences of what I thought were precognitive, possibly telepathic or sensitive knowing, and also interested in some ghostly dreams I had; and I'll emphasize that I do know the difference between dreams and reality. I was shocked and awed that there was research into this area surrounding the federal center (not official in the center, but still appearance through officials in the federal center)? As a social engineering tactic, entrancing my curiosity and interest area, these researchers used my experience in hypnosis for bringing me in to their special research subject and this SRI meeting participation? They talked about some new approaches they planned to use for extracting memories from people who believe they have had UFO or these Close Encounter experiences. I was then asked to join a group of professional scientists that met regularly at a house at Stanford University. The purpose was to learn this new hypnosis technique called "The Stage 3 technique". Little did I know that I was being profiled and social engineered to become a subject.

I did attend the meetings and was initially introduced to these SRI scientists, I vaguely remember that there were about 6-8 scientists there ranging from physics to bioengineering. I remember sitting down in a large living room environment and being brought a cup of tea. But, the rest of these meetings that I attended are a blur. I know I attended them, but I don't remember anything - content or even learning the "Stage 3 technique". I can only assume that I was the subject, and was told to 'forget'?

Shortly after these meetings, I was told that I was of interest and that I possessed interesting ability to 'know things'? This is where I was led into the World of CE4 and psychic spying. The rest of the details are being worked in my book, another sequel possibly to "The Men Who Stare At Goats". An inside perspective, from a subject, social engineered and brought in on the workings of psychological applications and anomalous phenomena.

Discovery of the world of Psyops and Perception Management 
Was this to cover-up espionage and political positioning (Clinton and Podesta World of intrigue with spies, lies and UFOs - Psyops).?

The big clue to me was learning:
1) a urgent phone call from a mysterious investigator Martin Cannon, whom Mike Coyle of Vericom Files (which Hollywood modeled for their X-Files series) forwarded my information to.   Mike Coyle heard of me from my attempt to break free from the SRI team of researchers and feds involved.  I had performed out reach to Professor Sheflin (University of Santa Clara) professional on use of hypnosis for mind control and Margaret Singer in Berkeley, also an expert on cults and mind manipulation for advisement and assistance.  Mike Coyle learned of this and had Cannon call me.   Martin found out what the SRI scientist were working on around my sphere (the SRI stuff), he tied to come in and warn me (he said), but he was threatened and immediately shut down. He came to Berkeley to give a talk and I showed up so we could meet. Three spooks surrounded me in the talk audience and after the talk they held me away from Martin (literaly grabbed and held me), and Martin looking puzzled was blocked and ushered out the back door away from me and I later heard he was completely shut down, his theory everything.  He actually sent out a letter to all apologizing for his theory?   So, was it his attempt to help me that drew a final straw? 

2) that the interview and visit to the SRI group, were part of the old Project Blue book tribe, along with some members from project Scanate Group funded by CIA (the group that turned into Project Stargate - funded by the DIA), so when I read about that NICAP (a CIA run UFO group) had a change in hands 1970 from USMC Major Donald Keyhole to Col. Joseph J. Bryan, who was a head of CIA's Psychological Warfare Division drives the whole basis of my book together. So, at the base of this whole theme - From NICAP, CUFOS, FUFOR, etc. was R&D for Psychological Warfare (the art of deception surrounding high tech and techniques such as activities going on at Area 51 (technology that surpassed the U2 capabilities

John Podesta gets caught with his fingers in the human experimentation game -Three people died in illegal human experiments carried out by John Podesta backer's firm: 

Did it also involve the UFO human experimentation stuff he got into?  E.g., John Podesta: Pulling Back the Curtain on UFOs
 See more of my perspective below.  Where it is going with Singularity University transhuman, mind reading, and more technology drive.   Singularity Univ. is sponsored and run by Google and Peter Thiel.   We know what their goals are.   Surveillance into every aspect of your life, sell you what you should be buying and behaving.   It's all free too...

My experiential knowledge is based on a naive young woman's journey into an Aerospace Agency and was put through Psychological Warfare R&D and Industrial Complex hall of mirrors using the Aerospace base - Hence "Unveiling of Anathema" an adequate description for the experience she encounters. I'm glad I waited this long to begin it.

I'll theme my book as such: Since other countries and transnational corporations were working on many secretive means to spy on US developments (air, land, sea, and social infiltration) she happened to enter employment were there were projects that needed ways to cover groups specializing in cultural anthropology, human factors and cognitive sciences to work various control, distraction and illusionist capabilities in order to work counterintelligence R&D (e.g., along with creation of cover organizations within UFO groups, psychic groups, religious groups, transhuman groups, etc. for honey potting new innovations and selection of human research subjects). A distraction from all their trips back and forth to Russia during the ending of the Cold War to the war field in Afghanistan.

Pysops tactics to veil new innovation developments of technology and enhanced human performance for the war field (spacecraft, aircraft, weapons, armory and super soldiers). Said Aerospace Agency, SRI, Berkeley, etc. had a sub culture of research areas that did indeed and still do provide a good distraction base for development of many of these psyops capabilities in the early TRL stage due to the applicability to science and use of imagination relating to inner and outer space new innovations.

So this young woman's curiosity of anomalies and more got her into an interesting quantum entanglement ;-) with those with the mindset of the super natural warrior kind.
Sigh, with all the distraction tactics (UFOs, Alien Abductions, Remote Viewing and today's new theme transhumans and the Kurzweilian Cult of Singularity) this woman still today never got resolution on the anomalies she was interested in from her own personal experiences outside the mindset of those who entangled her into the reality stage and theatrics of psyops. She ends the book still left sorting it all out herself, the mind of the beholder. This book will be a true story turned into Speculative Fiction.

This post is just a tickler to a true story... A story of a human subject in the World of cloaks and daggers discovering the arts of Perception Management and advanced social engineering.